Installation and retail of sustainable power solutions in industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Our company helps you select the right equipment for your needs and the maximum energy savings and provides installation and support. We work with the renewable energy sources and install Solar Photovoltaic and Wind energy generation systems, as well as other sustainable solutions including Solar Heating.

  1. Are you a business owner looking for cutting down the energy costs and would like to have an independent source of energy at the same time?
  2. Are you a cottage or residential owner looking for a complete off-the-grid energy solution? Or do you want to have a backup source of energy?
  3. Are you a developer looking to improve your portfolio by providing Sustainable Solutions to new residents?
  4. Are you interested in preserving the environment and saving money at the same time?

Contact us at to learn what systems and energy solutions are best for you. We are located in Collingwood and provide service in Barrie, Collingwood, and Caledon area. Our clients value us for reliability, experience and special considerations of client’s needs.

We provide installation and retail:

  • Solar Electricity;
  • Solar Heating: pool, water, space, floor, solar ovens;
  • Wind Generated Electricity;
  • Waste Heat Reclamation;
  • Geothermal Heating;
  • Grid-tied and Grid-feeding systems;
  • Backup and emergency energy solutions and stand-by systems.

Contact Information:

Phone: 705-443-8106
Fax: 705-443-8965
616 Oak St., Collingwood, ON, L9Y 2Z3, Canada.



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