Sustainability news and renewable energy information

Electrical engineering is a rapidly changing industry where knowledge is the key to reducing costs, protecting environment, and living a happy sustainable life independent of the country power lines net. We live at the time when we have a chance to experience the change from environmentally-harmful practices and self-centered mindset to environmentally-regenerative and socially-oriented mindset and it is up to us as individuals to make a choice and decide whether we stay behind or move forward to reap the benefits of co-operation with nature and our community.

Whether you are building a new house or thinking about reducing electrical costs in your existing one, Pro Line Electric has a solution for you: we evaluate and remodel each electrical circuit, select the most efficient appliances, our packages include energy-saving home care advices and optional independent sources of power: either grid-connected or off-grid, whether for backup or for the stand-alone electricity.

Use our Request quote form to learn about how you can add value to your home with renewable energy appliences, reduce hydro costs, decrease your footprint on the environment.

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